Fermanagh Lakes Tour

Lough Erne & Fermanagh Lakes

A full day tour approximately 8 hours.

Tour in Ireland and experience Fermanagh with its laid back atmosphere, fascinating history, ancient monuments and a strong sense of culture and community, the Fermanagh Lakelands leave you free to explore at will.

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Lough Erne & Fermanagh Tour Details

Our Lough Erne & Fermanagh Tour begins at your hotel (or the location you are staying).


Irish Counties

Leaving your accommodation your Tour to Ireland involves us travelling from Belfast (or wherever you are staying) through Counties Antrim, Armagh and Tyrone before arriving in Fermanagh famous for its stunning lakes and rivers.

Enniskillen Castle

Ireland Tours nearly always include a castle. And as we travel into Enniskillen we see the fifteenth century castle built to offer protection from the many raids through the centuries.

Villages & Waterways

On your Tour to Ireland, travelling around the waterways, you can’t fail to be enchanted by the charming villages dotted along vast stretches of water, mysterious islands rising out of quiet lakes and the stunningly beautiful and utterly unspoiled landscapes that seem to exist in a haze of tranquility.

Florence Court & Marble Arch Caves

Tours Ireland will never be complete without experiencing the historic sights and natural beauty of Florence Court and the Marble Arch Caves with the outstanding limestone features, famous throughout the world.

Lough Erne

When we arrive back in Enniskillen we board our cruiser to see the many attractions along Lough Erne not accessible by road. An added attraction is a short stop off at an island where you enjoy peace and tranquility you can never experience in any city. This is a great experience as your thoughts travel back in time to what life was like many years ago for the people who lived there.

Fermanagh Lakes Tour Gallery

Discover the best of the Fermanagh Lakes on your trip to Ireland. View the gallery of some of the locations our clients visit on this tour.